The name brunosdream represents a lifelong dream I had since high school… going to culinary school! My dream was sidetracked by a career as a licensed mental health counselor. However, in September of 2002 my dream took shape again… I sold my house, packed some boxes and moved to San Francisco to attend The California Culinary Academy. I graduated in 2004, and soon after found an interesting job doing the food service on board private jets. I still hold that job, but moved back to my hometown of St. Louis in February 2005.

This blog is my recipe box – it allows me to archive my recipes, my mom’s recipes and some other great recipes that I’ve come across. From time to time I will do a post from my global adventures if I see it as being “blog worthy”! Please join me on my culinary and travel escapades. A votre sante’ (to your health) and bon appetit!!