Blissfully Zen

   Hi and thanks for taking the time to view this ode to all things food, wine and spirits. The name may say zinfully but I can assure  you that it will be filled with so much more. This blog is co-authored by C.C.A. trained chef “Mayor Mc Tuna” and Myself and will include guest bloogers from far wide. If you’re interested in blogging about anything that fits into this subject matter, just drop an email to . Incidentally, (since I’ve been asked 100 times) the “mayor” received his nickname by virtue of being known in every corner of the city and the Tuna half of the moniker was due to his ordering the stuff just about every time we all gathered to eat. Or, was it because he has cats? I forget… The point is, NO, he’s not really the “Mayor” of any municipality except maybe some strange, twisted one in the dark recesses of his mind.

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