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Tutti Fruitti

I was going to post this recipe last week but my life

(and power) was knocked out of sync by the huge storm

that rolled through St. Louis on July 19th! My power has

finally been restored and I’m in the process of getting back

to my routine as well as repairing all the storm damage to

my house. I count my blessings because the tree that fell

through my fence could have fallen on me as I was chasing

my patio umbrella around the yard!! Next time, the umbrella

dies alone….

Storm1 Storm2  

Storm3_2 Storm4

On to the recipe…

This recipe is so good, easy and refreshing it would be a

pity not to share it, especially while berry season is at its

peak! This is from my mom’s recipe archives. She called it

tutti fruitti, but when I took it to the Bastille Day party I went

to, these English people were calling it a trifle. To me, it was

more than a trifle, plus I like the name tutti fruitti better!!

I didn’t realize it until I was at my friend’s house, but if you

categorize the ladyfingers and creme as white, this dessert

encompassed all the colors of the French flag. Perfect to

celebrate Bastille Day!

Call it what you like, it will always be tutti fruitti to me!!

My view…

Tutti_fruitti1 Tutti_fruitti2

and Duane’s eye view…

Tutti_fruitti3 Tutti_fruitti4


for creme anglaise:

1 quart half and half

1 cup sugar

8 egg yolks

1 vanilla bean – split, seeds scraped

remaining ingredients:

1 pint strawberries – quartered

1 pint raspberries

1 pint blackberries

1 pint blueberries

24 ladyfingers


for creme:

1) In medium saucepan, heat half + half, vanilla beanand seeds gently to a simmer, then turn off heat.

2) In medium size mixing bowl combine egg yolks

and sugar and beat together until pale yellow.

3) Remove vanilla bean then beat 2 tablespoons of

the warm half + half into the egg mixture (do this

slowly to avoid curdling the eggs), then beat in the

remaining half + half little by little.

4) Place bowl over a pot of simmering water and cook over

a gentle heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture coats

the back of a spoon (do not let temperature exceed 170

degrees or mixture will start to curdle).

5) Cool in an ice bath.


1) Set aside a small amount of each berry for garnishing top

of dessert (see photo).

2) In a large, clear glass bowl, layer berries and

ladyfingers, starting w/ one of your berry choices,

then a layer of ladyfingers, then berries (alternating

color and choice of berries between layers), then ladyfingers,

then berries until you are almost to the top of your bowl.

Save enough room at the top for a final layer of ladyfingers,

then garnish the top w/ a row of each type of berry used.

3) Cover dessert and creme w/ plastic wrap and place in fridge.

4) One hour before serving, pour creme anglaise into dessert,

cover, and return to fridge.

5) When it’s dessert time, remove from fridge, uncover and

have at it!

Vive la Tutti Fruitti and Bon Appetit!!


7 Responses to “Tutti Fruitti”

  1. 1 Ivonne

    Wow! That looks and sounds delicious. Almost to good to dip into and eat. I said “almost”.

    I would definitely eat it all!

  2. 2 Bruno

    Thanks Ivonne!

  3. 3 Nicole

    I LOVE berries! I’m printing out the reciepe and going to make it soon. Thanks

  4. 4 arfi binsted

    I can just go WOW! you make me missing Summer already :) I could taste the berries from what you describe. it certainly is tutti fruitti!!

  5. 5 Bruno

    Hi Nicole,

    Glad you liked the recipe. Hope you enjoy it!

    Hi Arfi,

    I hope you try this recipe next summer in New Zealand. I bet you can find some great berries at your farmers market!

  6. 6 Bron

    No, no, it’s ok, it’s not another storm coming, really, it’s just my tummy growling all the way over here.

  7. 7 Bruno

    Ha ha Bron, you had me going there for a minute then I realized there was grumbling coming from the south, but the sky was clear and the sun was shining… Just a kiwi hankering for some dessert… quickly now, whip up a batch of tutti fruitti!!

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