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Five Things to Eat Before You Go to the Big Kitchen in the Sky

I was tagged by Alanna of A Veggie Venture to participate in this fun assignment that has been making the rounds of food blogs worldwide. The meme was started by Melissa of The Traveler’s Lunchbox. I wonder how many times it has circled the globe by now!! Narrowing my choices to just 5 items was a real challenge, as it seems to have been for most all who have done this before me. Well, after some pondering I came up w/ my list. So without further ado I present my list to you…

1) Marron Glace’  -  I love the way candied chestnuts melt in my mouth and fill it w/ such a wonderfully unique flavor!! It would be doubly good to eat some of these delicacies in Paris at Christmastime!

2) RacletteWhen I traveled to Switzerland in January 2004 to bring my mom’s ashes to her homeland, I spent an evening at the home of one of my cousins. They prepared a wonderful feast consisting of raclette and all the fixin’s. They had this amazing machine that fits an entire half round of that lovely cheese and melts the surface, then the melted goodness is scraped onto your plate… simply awesome!!

3) A Paper Towel and an Apple Core – A funny thing happened  as I was hiking in a redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California on New Years Day 2003… I got lost!! Well it wasn’t very funny at the time, but I get a good laugh every time I tell this story to someone. I ran out of food and was starving, so I dug into my pocket and pulled out the remnants of the apple I had w/ my lunch earlier that day. The apple core was wrapped in a paper towel and it sure looked good at that very moment, so… I ate both of them! Well, believe it or not, this can be a veritable delicacy when you’re lost in a redwood forest w/ nothing else to eat!!

4) A Cup of Hot Chocolate w/ a Big Hunk of Fresh Bread

This was what I was fantasizing about during the cold night that I spent shivering in the redwood forest!

5) My Mom’s Homemade Pizza – My mom’s pizza was, and still is, the best I’ve ever had!! The pizza parties she would have were such a great way to gather some good friends together for an evening of deliciousness!! This has since become a tradition in my home too! Thanks mom…

My turn to tag some people. I tag:
Duane – My co-blogger at Zinfully Delicious
Michelle – My food stylist friend
The Culinary Chase
Barbara at winosandfoodies



11 Responses to “Five Things to Eat Before You Go to the Big Kitchen in the Sky”

  1. 1 Alanna

    GREAT list, Bruno! I’m lucky to have experienced “real raclette” too, amazing stuff.

  2. 2 Tanna Jones

    I really appreciate each item on your list. Hunger really does change everything as does thirst. I guess being lost does too.
    Exellent list – I must get me to some raclette.

  3. 3 arfi binsted

    well, i’m still a stranger in western culinary world and i guess i’ve still got a lot to learn and to taste. the list is really intriguing. i should try them one day. thanks for tagging me, bruno! cheers

  4. 4 Ellie

    Oooo, what is this marron glace? The only glace things I’ve ever seen are those awful bright red and green cherries which I can’t stand, but I love the sound of the candied chestnuts! Mmmm!

  5. 5 Bruno

    Alanna – Thanks! Yeah, real raclette is a tasty treat. I learned that you need to drink hot tea, kirsch,or wine w/ this or cheese fondue. Cold non-alcohol beverages will cause the cheese to bind up and cause digestive problems… nobody wants that!

    Tanna – Thank you! Hunger + thirst will definitely make you do “weird” things… maybe even come up w/ a new food trend!!

    Arfi – Don’t try the paper towel and apple core unless you’re really hungry, otherwise it just falls flat on the haute cuisine meter!! Looking forward to reading your list.

    Ellie – Marron glace’ are hard to find in the U.S., but it ‘s worth the search… great crumbled into gelato too!

  6. 6 Ivonne

    Great list … although I think I’ll pass on #3!

  7. 7 barbara

    Oooh I love raclette. Thanks for the tag. I’ll do it this week.

  8. 8 Michelle

    Raclette!!! I might add to my own list! Guess I can’t.
    I’ll work on it an post to you.
    Thanks Bruno but this is a real challenge!

  9. 9 Bruno

    Ivonne – Thanks! I can’t believe you’d pass on #3… you’re missing out on something truly, well, unique!

    Barbara – Yeah, I never tire of raclette! Looking forward to your list.

    Michelle – I know what you mean… limiting your choices to 5 things is tough!!

  10. 10 Riana

    hi Bruno, I’m following this meme and here I am. And you know Arfi, too! (Hi, Arfi)
    You have wonderful blog with wonderful photos..

  11. 11 Bruno

    Thanks Riana! Glad you enjoy our blog. I only know your friend Arfi from her blog… never have met her in person.

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