Oaxacan Black Mole w/ Grilled Beef on a Stick



This is a great recipe, but be prepared to spend

4 1/2 hours in the kitchen, including clean-up,

just for the mole!!



** recipe adapted from The Mole Page



6 C chicken stock (I used veggie stock)

**5 chilhuacle negro chiles, or substitute ancho chiles,

seeded, stemmed

**5 guajillo chiles, or substitute dried New Mex. chiles,

seeded, stemmed

**4 pasilla chiles, seeded, stemmed

**4 mulatto chiles, or use ancho, seeded, stemmed

**2 chipotle chiles, seeded, stemmed

1 medium white onion, cut in quarters

6 cloves garlic

2 Tbs whole almonds

2 Tbs shelled, skinned peanuts (I used hazelnuts)

2-4 Tbs lard (I used canola oil)

*2 tsp raisins (I pureed w/ some stock, but next time

will add to onion, garlic, plantain then puree)

1 slice bread (I used Challa)

1 small ripe plantain, or use a small banana

1/2 C sesame seeds

2 pecan halves (I didn?t use any)

1″ Mexican cinnamon stick (I used a regular cinnamon stick)

2 whole peppercorns

2 whole cloves

2 medium tomatoes, chopped

5 fresh tomatillos, chopped

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp dried thyme

1 bar, or to taste of Ibarra chocolate,

or other Mexican chocolate (I used 5 ounces of bittersweet

chocolate from Trader Joe’s, chopped)

1 avocado leaf, omit or use bay leaf (I used a bay leaf)

salt to taste


1. Toast the chiles, or fry them in lard, until just darkened

— don’t let them burn. Place in bowl, cover with hot water

until soft, about 30 min. (I softened my dried chiles in the

veggie stock)

2. Puree chiles in blender, adding the soaking water

if needed to form a paste.

3. Roast the garlic and onion in the same pan until slightly

brown, then remove.

4. Toast the almonds and peanuts slightly, remove.

5. Toast the chile seeds until dark but don’t let burn.

6. Heat 2 Tbs lard in skillet and fry raisins until plump,

remove and drain.

7. Fry bread until brown, remove.

8. Fry plantains until brown, remove.

9. Add more lard if needed, and fry sesame seeds at low

heat until slightly brown, stirring often.

10. Add pecans, brown and remove and drain.

11. Toast the cinnamon, peppercorns and cloves lightly

in a dry pan. Let cool, and grind in a molcajete or grinder.

12. In a blender or processor puree nuts, sesame seeds,

bread and pecans; use small batches if needed.

13. Add onions, garlic, plantains and puree. Remove,

then puree tomatoes and tomatillos.

14. Heat the remaining lard in a large heavy pot and fry

the chile paste until dry, but don’t let it burn.

15. Add tomato puree and fry until liquid is gone.

16. Add ground spices, nut/bread mixture, pureed onion

mixture, oregano and thyme.

17. Heat to a simmer while stirring constantly, add chocolate.

18. Toast the avocado leaf over open flame briefly, then

add to mixture.

19. Slowly add reserved chicken stock to mixture until

mixture will just coat a spoon.

20. Salt to taste.

Yield: approx. 60 fluid ounces

*The recipe didn’t specify what to do w/ the raisins –

see note under raisins for my instructions

**I used the mole blend that I purchased from Tierra

Vegetables which contained at least 4 different

types of dried chiles




2 lbs sirloin steak

1 pack of 8 inch bamboo skewers (at least 25)

1 small bag of charcoal


1. Soak skewers in warm water for at least 1 hour

2. Cut beef across grain into 1/4 inch wide slices

3. Remove skewers from water

4. Thread beef onto skewers

5. Place in deep dish and coat w/ mole on both sides, 

cover and place in fridge for 2 hours

6. Remove beef from fridge

7. Place charcoal in grill and light

8. When coals are fully lit, spread them out

9. Grill beef for 2 minutes on each side

Yield: Approx. 25 sticks

Place finished product on platter w/ a bowl of

mole for dipping, gather some friends, crack open a 

bottle of your favorite full-bodied red wine and enjoy

the fruits of your labor!






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  1. 1 Ivonne

    While the prep time is a bit daunting, the end results look gorgeous! Well done!

  2. 2 Bruno

    Thanks Ivonne… I know you have a leaning towards sweet rather than savory dishes, but maybe the chocolate in this will tempt you to give it a try!


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