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Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – San Francisco

I was in San Francisco recently and was fortunate enough to have time to stop by the farmers market. It was an incredibly beautiful day so I took many photos (I was thinking blog post, blog post!). Let me share a few of my favorites w/ you:



ferry-plaza18.jpgferry-plaza19.jpg Lovely and fragrant, fresh cut lavender

ferry-plaza4.jpgferry-plaza5.jpg Tierra Vegetables – this is where I get my pepper jam (they specialize in chile peppers)

ferry-plaza7.jpgferry-plaza8.jpgWe bought some of the best fresh feta cheese I’ve ever tasted – I can’t remember the vendor’s name but he’s always in the booth that’s next to the guy who sells baba ghanoush

ferry-plaza9.jpgferry-plaza10.jpgMy brother-in-law buying some bread at Acme Bread Co. and posing w/ “the goods”

ferry-plaza11.jpgferry-plaza12.jpgBeautiful mushrooms


ferry-plaza15.jpgferry-plaza16.jpgCowgirl Creamery – they make awesome cheeses – one of my favorites is “Pierce Point” which has a rind coated in local dried herbs (unfortunately this cheese is only sold in the fall so I couldn’t buy any…bummer!)

The End…

Hope you enjoyed my quick tour of this fabulous market!

P.S. – Sam at Beck’s & Posh recently did a post which surprisingly discovered that some items are cheaper at the farmers market than at Safeway (the large grocery chain in California)… so support your local farmers, the planet and sustainable agriculture!

P.P.S. – I just found this great farmers market icon – “Blush the Sweet Tomato” at A Veggie Venture. a-veggie-ventures-farmers-market-icon-blush-the-tomato.gif Alanna invites bloggers to use the icon on posts to signify farmers market fresh veggies. Thanks Alanna!


7 Responses to “Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – San Francisco”

  1. 1 Alanna

    You’re quick on the draw, for sure, Bruno! I’m quite sure you’re the first to use “Blush” — and what a great post to do so!

  2. 2 sam

    It’s a shame I can’t enlarge the pictures. I always thought it would be funny to see yourself or someone you knew (another food blogger?) in the photographs taken by a visitor.

  3. 3 brunosdream

    Alanna – Thanks! And thanks again for “Blush”, it’s such a great graphic!!

    Sam – I’ve been trying to fix my blog so you can enlarge the photos. It was working the day I did the post and is working when I’m in the site admin., but still is not working when you view the blog directly from the web. It’s very frustrating! Do you or anyone else have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

  4. 4 brunosdream

    The problem w/ the photos is fixed… you can now click the images to enlarge and zoom in. Thanks for all your help Dave!!

  5. 5 Ivonne

    Hi Bruno,

    This brings back a lot of great memories!

  6. 6 Karen

    Bruno, how lucky you are to have visited the Ferry Plaza market. There’s nothing else like it. It almost makes me hyperventilate a little.

  7. 7 brunosdream

    Ivonne – Glad I could help you reminisce!

    Karen – I agree, it is a great market! Grab a paper bag if you’re hyperventilating :-)

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