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St. Kitts, West Indies

On April 10th we dropped off some people  in St. Thomas, then flew down to St. Kitts where we spent the night. We arrived at our hotel around 3:00 that afternoon. It was a beautiful day so I went for a long walk along the beach and snapped a few photographs.

St. Kitts is a very beautiful island – the temperature was around 85 degrees F with a cool ocean breeze blowing – simply perfect! The people here are friendly and the food was pretty darn good too! We ate dinner at a little place on the beach called the Shiggidy Shack  (recommended by one of the people assisting us at the airport). At the Shiggidy Shack we were greeted by a local who was carrying his 6 month old pet Vervet monkey which he let me hold for awhile. The monkey was a cute little thing and was smaller than my cats. He was wearing a tiny diaper so he wouldn’t poop all over his admirers :-)  There are around 60,000 Vervet monkeys living on the island of St. Kitts!

As I perused the Shiggidy Shack’s menu, the Melted Lava Jerk Chicken caught my eye and tantalized my taste buds! The chicken packed some heat but wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy.  A couple of glasses of  red wine rounded out the meal. The service was slow, but the meal was good. All in all  it was a satisfying experience.

 We left St. Kitts at 11:00 the next morning with some great memories, and for me a desire to return on vacation sometime in the future!

St. Kitts1

In flight to our destination

St. Kitts2

Basseterre, St. Kitts

St. Kitts3

From my hotel balcony

St. Kitts4

Beach scene

St. Kitts5

More beach

St. Kitts6

And more beach

St. Kitts7

Sunrise from my hotel balcony


Relax mon, it’s de islands…



Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens

As we were flying up the west coast I was able to get some pretty good shots of majestic Mount Rainier and explosive Mount St. Helens.



Mount Saint Helens


Mount Rainier

Happy Thanksgiving!


Mount Hood

For those of you baking in this sweltering midwest weather, here’s a photo of Mount Hood poking through the clouds that I snapped as we were flying into Portland, Oregon last week. Wish I was closer to that mountain right now!!

Stay cool…



mount hood1

mount hood2

Sunset Over The Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake1 January 3 '10

Salt Lake2 January 3 '10

Salt Lake3 January 3 '10

Flying into Salt Lake City on January 3rd  offered up a beautiful sunset!

Happy New Year :-)


Eating Santa Fe and Exploring the Land of Enchantment…

… or what I did on my summer vacation. A few weeks ago I went to New Mexico for 5 days w/ my best friends, Bob and Kristin. We stayed in Santa Fe and took day trips to explore the beautiful places that surround that enchanting city. We also found some great places to eat and drink. I took many, many pictures but I won’t bore you w/ all of them… just some of my favorites!

Day 1: Drove up from Albuquerque, checked into the hotel and got settled. Walked along Canyon Road to look at the galleries and visit the leather shop, Desert Son, to have a belt made for a silver belt buckle I bought 4 years ago. We then had dinner at Bert’s La Taqueria which was recommended to us by the owner of  Desert Son. The food there was not your typical Mexican fare and the chef/owner, Fernando Olea, took time away from the kitchen to explain the cuisine he was preparing that evening. We sampled pork w/ a  traditional red mole from the Puebla region of Mexico; beef tongue w/ a spinach based green mole from the Quintana Roo region; and some unique desserts that we promised not to share the main ingredients so other customers can guess as we did. The food was so good we went back the next day for lunch!

Bert’s sign, front door and patio

Beef tongue w/ green mole; pork w/ red mole; desserts

Day 2: Started the day w/ a cup of coffee from Holy Spirit Espresso, which uses delicious beans from Caffe D’arte (their northern Italian roast called Firenze), then went to Desert Son to pick up my belt. In the afternoon we drove to Chimayo and Taos. We visited the Santuario de Chimayo where miracles have occurred, then headed up to Taos to see the famous multi-level pueblo there. Unfortunately the pueblo was closed for the day so I don’t have any pics. Got back to the hotel late in the day, starving, looked at the menus at a few restuarants, then settled on a great Japanese place that had a fantastic price for bento box dinners. Kohnami Japanese Restaurant – another great find! Didn’t take any pics but click the link for their menu.

Outside of Holy Spirit Espresso; window shopping; picturesque window

Santuario de Chimayo

Day 3: In the morning we drove up to San Ildefonso Pueblo to look around and check out the famous black pottery made there. Had lunch in at La Casa Sena which has a beautiful courtyard and a great wine shop next door. Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Santa Fe. then stopped in at a new restaurant that had just opened that weekend, Milagro 139, for appetizers and a glass of wine.

San Ildefonso Pueblo

…more pics from San Ildefonso

La Casa Sena courtyard and wine shop

Walking around town

Day 4: Drove up to Bandelier National Monument to hike around the cliff dwellings of the Pueblo Indians that date back to the 11th century. A very interesting and beautiful area! After hiking the dwellings and having a picnic lunch there, we drove back to Santa Fe for our last dinner of the vacation. We decided to eat at a restaurant that we looked at earlier that had a great menu w/ great prices – Dinner for Two. We chose their Monday dinner special which is a three course meal for $19 – the food and service was excellent!   What a perfect way to cap off our last evening in Santa Fe!!

Bandelier National Monument…

…more Bandelier

…and more

… and more

Dinner for Two

Salad; grilled dry aged New York Strip; stuffed chicken breast & tornado of beef

Day 5: Said goodbye to Santa Fe and drove back to Albuquerque. Before heading to the airport we stopped at a winery – Casa Rondena – to sample some New Mexican wines. The estate is beautiful and the wines are very good!

Casa Rondena Winery; tasting room…

…and the estate

That’s all folks! Until next time…


France – Another Photo

Here’s another photo from my brother, Fred. The photo was shot southeast of Bordeaux in the Landes region. I thought the flowers were lavender but Fred informed me that it’s heather. It looks like spring in southern France!


January 17th – Barbados…

for 17 hours!

St. Michael – where we stayed; sunset from my room

Bird searching for food; beach at sunrise

Until next time…



December 23rd: Helping Santa Deliver to…

…Kauai, Hawaii where we had an 18 hour layover. Enough time to see some sights, eat dinner and sleep!

Hotel scenes and beach

Me; Opaeka’a Falls; camouflaged chickens and doves

Another beach; somewhere on Kuhio Highway; one lane bridge to Hanalei

Hanalei Bay and Hanalei Valley

Happy Trails…


Fall Photos from France


These photos were sent to me by my brother, Fred, who lives in Agen (which is located between Toulouse and Bordeaux). He didn’t know what type of grapes are in the photos, but they sure are beautiful! Thanks for sharing these w/ me Fred!!


The Birthday Tour

Unfortunately I had to go on the road during the week of my birthday this year. But, as luck would have it, we overnighted in Monterey, California on the eve of my day. I wanted to eat a special meal on my birthday so we went to a place I tried last year where I ate some great seafood and drank some great California wine – Monterey’s Fish House!


Fish House exterior and interior


more interior shots; the menu


Hama Hama oysters; scallops, scampi style


close-up of scallops; wine of the evening; Sal, our bartender

If you enlarge the picture of the exterior you may notice the police tape on the hand rail in front. I’m assuming someone overdosed on the delicious seafood and wine, then crashed through the railing on their way out (ha, ha)! If I lived in Monterey or in the vicinity, this would soon become one of my restaurant hangouts. Nothing fancy, just damn fine food and wine at a reasonable price; friendly, knowledgeable staff and a laid back atmosphere – definitely my kind of place! They serve some of the biggest oysters I’ve ever seen – Hama Hama oysters from the deep water pacific caught off the shores of Lilliwaup, Washington. For dinner I had the scallops, scampi style which consisted of about a dozen sea scallops perfectly seared then served over fettucini w/ a sauce of fresh garlic, white wine, butter, green onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. Divine!! I broke the rules by having w/ the scallops one of my favorite red grape varietals, Zinfandel. California produces some of the best, so I chose the Boeger 2006 Walker Vineyard Zinfandel from El Dorado, California. Usually I have room for dessert, but not tonight!

 If you happen to find yourself in Monterey, I highly recommend you give Monterey’s Fish House a try!! If Sal’s tending to the bar, tell him Bruno sent you :-)

A votre sante’!